Algonquin Arts Initiative

About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Algonquin Arts Initiative is to inspire creative minds and foster stronger connections between artists and the Canadian landscape. A not for profit organization, the Initiative brings artists from across Canada together to meet, collaborate, create, share and experience the beautiful and inspiring wilderness in and around Algonquin Park through art projects and educative programs designed to facilitate these objectives.

Vision Statement

To advance and promote Canadian arts and culture in its connection to the environment through art projects, educative programs, and exhibitions.


  1. To develop art workshops and residency programs which allow creative minds to meet, collaborate, create, share and experience the wilderness culture of Algonquin Provincial Park.
  2. To support the development of wilderness related art projects.
  3. To provide an interdisciplinary environment where artists can work with the scientists, naturalists, and guides of Algonquin Provincial Park to develop further the connections between artists and the environment.
  4. To promote and advance Canadian wilderness culture through art and heritage exhibits and programs.
  5. To expand the appeal of Algonquin Park (and Ontario Parks) to an arts and cultural demographic and to increase its tourism from across Canada and abroad.
  6. To introduce the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit Algonquin Park each year to Canadian artists and their works through exhibits, workshops, presentations, and events to be held inside the Park.