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Tom Thomson’s Jack Pine











This interactive theatrical presentation explores Tom Thomson’s work and wanderings 100 years ago in 1916 using songs, stories and dramatizations.


August 20th-21st and 26th-27th  at 8:00pm


Outdoor Theatre (Km 35.4), Algonquin Provincial Park


This production—meant for the whole family—is being presented by the Algonquin Arts Initiative in partnership with the Algonquin Art Centre, Ontario Parks and the Friends of Algonquin Park.


Leading up to his untimely death in the early summer of 1917, Tom Thomson produced most of his best-known oil sketches of Algonquin Park landscapes and waterways. To recognize and celebrate his tremendous contribution to Canadian art, culture and identity, the Algonquin Arts Initiative will present stories of Tom Thomson’s time in Algonquin Park during the 100th anniversaries of the last 3 summers of his life.


Fireside Stories of Tom Thomson

Check out these production shots from last summer’s production exploring Tom Thomson’s work in 1915 and his curious absence from World War I.

AY Jackson at war

Ranger Mark Robinson exchanges pleasantries with pal Tom Thomson

Roasting marshmallows onstage before the show


“Algonquin: Headwaters”


“Algonquin” is an innovative landscape film that takes you into the heart of Canada’s iconic wilderness, Algonquin Park, through the eyes of its most enduring protagonist – water.

Watch Trailer


Proceeds from DVD sales go directly to our feature documentary, “Algonquin”, which tells the stories of the people who seek out the headwaters in Algonquin’s highlands.

Price: $19.95
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Algonquin Headwaters the Film

The Filmmakers:

Director: Jeremy Munce
Cinematographer: Andrew Sheppard, Hugo Kitching
Producer: Joel Irwin
Music: Karl Mohr

Watch An Interview with Producer Joel Irwin

Producer Joel Irwin Discusses “Algonquin: Headwaters” at Film North Film Festival

About the Film

“Algonquin: Headwaters” is the newest film from award winning director Jeremy Munce (The Alma Drawings) who wanted to achieve a new cinematic experience for audiences by combining elements of transcendental cinema with the landscape film. “The idea” explains producer, Joel Irwin, “was to offer a new perspective of the Park through the eyes of its water systems. We wanted viewers to feel as if they’d left their bodies behind and became part of the headwaters that originate and flow out of the Algonquin highlands.

Why Algonquin?

Algonquin Park is the ideal setting for the project, since the Park is the height of land in Southern Ontario and is the source of major headwaters that flow out toward the Great Lakes and toward the Atlantic Ocean. These waters originate not from springs, but from the sky, where clouds release their moisture into the Park’s highlands, creating natural conditions and habitats unique in all the world. The film follows these waters from their origins in the Park’s heights to their oceanic destinations and captures the landscapes, wildlife, and the people who seek out these headwaters.

Become part of our feature, “Algonquin”

Because “Algonquin” is an independent film project, its budget depends on sponsorships and crowd funding. We, the filmmakers, would like to ask you to become part of “Algonquin”  and help bring this extraordinary project to life. Just click on the Donation box (in the side bar) to see the benefits of your contribution.

Help us share the magic of Algonquin Provincial Park with the world.

Donate to “Algonquin” the film

Your support goes a long way in assisting with the success of this project.

Funding Tiers for “Algonquin” Film Contributions

  1. $1 – $100 – Algonquin Rain Drops:
    Every little bit helps! The Algonquin waterways themselves originate from rain drops, and so your contribution, no matter how large or small, will help us move into larger bodies of water. Become a rain drop and donate $1.00 – $100.00 to help us make this film. Rain drop donors will be recognized as such on this webpage.
  2. $100 – $250 – Algonquin Streams:
    Streams are the life blood of the Algonquin waterways and provide lakes with a constant and fresh supply of water. Become a stream donor by contributing $100.00 -$250.00 to our project. Stream Donors will be recognized on this website and will receive a complimentary DVD of the film upon completion.
  3. $250 – $500 – Algonquin Ponds:
    The Algonquin ponds are an essential part of the Algonquin ecosystem. Become a vital part of our film, “Algonquin” with the Pond tier. Pond donors will receive recognition on this website, honorary mention at the Film’s opening, a DVD copy of the film upon completion, and a T-shirt for the film.
  4. $500 – $1,000 – Algonquin Lakes: Sponsorship Tier
    The Algonquin Lakes are what distinguish the Park from any other place on earth. Become a Lake Donor and be recognized as an official sponsor for the film, which includes credit in the film, honorary mention at the film’s opening, a DVD copy of the film upon completion, and a T-Shirt for the film.
  5. +$1,000.00 – Algonquin Headwaters: Sponsorship Tier
    Algonquin Park is home to major headwaters which originate in the Park’s highlands and flow out into the surrounding areas, joining Algonquin to the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. Algonquin Headwater donors will be recognized as official sponsors for the film, will be included in the opening credits, will receive honorary mention at the film’s opening, a DVD copy of the film upon completion, and a T-Shirt for the film, and tickets to the Film Premiere at the Film North Festival in Huntsville, Ontario.

Thanks For Your Support!

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